Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Travis Picking Etude – Guitar Lesson

In this free video guitar lesson you will learn a short little tune that uses the cool acoustic fingerstyle technique called Travis Picking throughout.

The video starts with a demonstration of the tune or "etude" and then breaks down the technique of Travis Picking in detail.

After that, I walk you through the entire tune.

Be sure to download the TAB PDF for this song below.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Travis Picking Etude TAB PDF Download

Travis Picking is named after the legendary guitarist Merle Travis. The technique is used by countless guitarists from John Lennon to Tommy Emmanuel.

Have fun adding this cool technique to your playing and try to come up with some of your own musical passages that use this technique. It can be very inspiring. 🙂

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Travis Picking Etude


  1. demisha miftari says:

    hey Carl, I would love to have you show some Tommy Emanuel boom chuck stuff.I don’t know if you can pull that off,but if you could that would be great. He is like all over youtube lately,,thnx

  2. bill norum says:

    Hi carl ,very helpful lesson thank you its very effective for me I play it everyday on my electric guitar .thanks a lot very great LESSON.;D

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