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More Support. Awesome Feedback. Professional Lessons.

More Support. Awesome Feedback. Professional Lessons.

More Support. Awesome Feedback. Professional Lessons.


The GL365 Academy is the result of teaching thousands of private lessons and my 25+ years of teaching experience and research into finding a more systematic and less frustrating way of learning the guitar.

The Premium Subscription gets you full access to the GL365 Academy, access to all of the live video chat sessions with me, and unlimited email support for any questions you may have.

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Unmatched Support Access

The GL365 Academy lessons are the most supported lessons on the site, with live video chat sessions almost every week and unlimited email support!

Comprehensive Materials

Scroll down and click on your favorite category of the GL365 Academy. No matter what style you prefer to study, you will have a systematic learning path to follow.

Laser-Focused Techniques

While there are no gimmicks or tricks to truly learn to play the guitar, the lessons in the GL365 Academy are my definitive method for mastering the guitar like a pro. 

To browse the lessons available to Premium subscribers in the academy, just click a category below!



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Guitar Tone

Guitar Tone

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Legendary Styles

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Ear Training & Music Theory

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Guitar Technique

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Chords & Progressions

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Guitar Maintenance

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Live Archive

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What Real Students are Saying...

" is where I come daily to study and brush up on my own guitar playing. From beginner to shredding like Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, or SRV this site contains everything you need to know to be a great guitarist."

—David Dimuzio,
Platinum Selling Singer/Song-Writer

“I've been learning guitar for roughly 4 years now, the first 2 years I made very little progress. I could play my open chords and barre chords, I tried using other online teaching sites but I couldn't get the motivation to properly learn from them. I found GL365 thanks to a lesson on a certain Jimmy Hendrix song on youtube, and I explored his site/channel from that. Carl's approach to teaching is brilliant, he teaches in such a way that is still fun but even the difficult stuff he keeps you motivated to keep at it. Truthfully if it wasn't for his lessons and style of teaching I'd have given up long ago. Keep up the great work Carl.”

— Thomas M.

“Nice guy, great musician, fantastic classes! This is what I say about your site when I recommend it to my friends! Keep doing your great job and never give up Carl!”

Michal O.

"Love Carl, his lessons are second to none. He doesn't leave you wondering 'wait, what do I do there again?' He goes through everything in detail. His whole set up is super professional from the manner in which he explains things, the recording equipment setup."


"...Song lessons that are second to none. Carl Brown changed my life."

There's an epic guitarist hiding in everyone — it's time to find yours: