Classical Guitar Lessons – Premium

These classical guitar lessons are meant to serve multiple purposes.

First, they are designed to systematically teach you the art of the classical guitar. If you have no experience with the classical guitar simply start with the first lesson in the basic classical guitar category then work your way down. After you finish all of those lessons you will be ready to do the same thing with the intermediate classical guitar category.

The second purpose of these classical guitar lessons is for the guitarist who doesn't necessarily want to learn traditional classical, but would like to develop a strong, fluid, accurate and consistent fingerstyle technique.

You will find that going through these lessons and practicing the exercises will help you develop your fingerstyle technique to the maximum no matter what style of music you wish to play.

Since most players are somewhere within a beginner to intermediate level I will concentrate on adding lessons to those two categories first. I will debut an advanced classical guitar category in the summer of 2014 after I have plenty of lessons for the basic and intermediate sections completed.

Also, unlike most players learning how to play classical guitar,  you do not have to be able to read standard sheet music in order to follow these lessons. All of the technique lessons and classical guitar songs contained in this classical guitar Premium section will have a free TAB PDF download for you to follow. If you can read TAB you will be fine.

Not that I am saying learning to read sheet music isn't important, in fact, I think learning to read standard sheet music is an essential ability that almost all musicians should be able to do. However, you don't need to know how to read sheet music to follow these lessons. 🙂

I hope many guitar players will discover the incredible world of classical guitar through these lessons and that they will provide a lifetime of incredible music for you to play!

Classical Guitar Lessons