Student Spotlight Video Uploader

Hey there! Thanks for taking part in my "Student Spotlight" series on YouTube!

Please read carefully before submitting your video.

First off, it's cool if you don't want to show your face or have a very high quality camera. Usually a simple smart phone camera will work fine just as long as you get close enough to your hands so that I can see what is going on with your technique. Or if it's a theory/ear training question, that isn't necessary. You can stay as anonymous as you want.

Second, try to keep it brief. I am trying to limit the student portion of the videos to less than a minute and I may edit your video down even further than that to try and make the lessons quick and to the point.

Keep in mind that this isn't a song transcription service. I will be glad to help you with just about any technique or theory question, but I can't help you figure out a song or part of a song in these "Student Spotlight" videos. I have well over 1000 song lessons videos available already that do just that! 🙂

VERY IMPORTANT!! When filling out the form below, be sure to let me know your first name, and sort of summarize your question in the message field. Also, and this is the most important, you will need to state that I have the right to use your video footage in my YouTube video. After stating that I have the rights to use your video content, please type your name. This will be your digital signature. If you are not a legal adult, please have your parent or legal guardian type their name.

I receive a lot of videos and won't be able to get to everyone, but I will try and get to about 2 per week. Be sure to subscribe and follow (ring the bell to get notifications) both YouTube channels so you don't miss any of the videos, one of which could be yours!

To see all the Student Spotlight videos I have already done go to the Free Guitar Lessons page.

Thanks again for supporting my lessons and helping me create such a great guitar community. I am looking forward to helping you reach your guitar goals!