GL365 Academy Member Video Uploader

Please read carefully before submitting your video.

The video uploader on this page is intended to be used by current GL365 Academy members that have a question for me that is better explained via video. For instance, if they want me to check out an area of their technique, video is usually much better so that I can actually see what is going on instead of having it described via an email message.

First off, its cool if you don't want to show your face or have a very high quality camera. Usually a simple smart phone camera will work fine just as long as you get close enough to your hands so that I can see what is going on with your technique. Or if it's a theory/ear training question, that isn't necessary. You can stay as anonymous as you want. But don't worry, no matter how you shoot your video, I will be the only person to ever see it as it will come directly to my email inbox.

Second, try to keep it brief. That way, I can keep up with all the other academy members questions and still have time to create new course content.

Keep in mind that this isn't a song transcription service. I will be glad to help you with just about any technique or theory question, but I can't help you figure out a song or part of a song in these videos. I have well over 1000 song lessons videos available already that do just that! 🙂

VERY IMPORTANT!! When filling out the form below, be sure to let me know your name and the email address that your academy subscription is under. This service is ONLY for academy members so I need to validate each user before responding to their video question. My response will come via email or might be in the next weekly live video stream, whichever we agree on.

Thanks again for being a member of my online guitar academy and helping me create such a great guitar community. I am looking forward to helping you reach your guitar goals!