Thank you for visiting the Requests Page. This is where you can request anything guitar related for which you would like to see a video lesson made.

Your responses are important so that I know what you are really interested in, especially if you visit the site frequently.

All I ask is to format your email in one of 4 ways so that I can organize every request quickly and get to work creating more lessons.

If you have a Song Request, just type "Song Request" in the subject field, then add the name of the song and the artist/band name in the message field.

For Lesson Requests, type either "Beginner Lesson", "Intermediate Lesson" or "Advanced Lesson" in the subject field. Then describe what you would like the lesson to cover in the message field.

My goal for the site is not only to have my own ideas for lessons, but also to create a sort of interactive classroom where everyone can recommend topics to work on.

So if you have a good lesson idea or a favorite song you want to learn, please let me know, I will do my best to make it happen!

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