Jazz Guitar Lessons – Premium

The idea I had for these jazz guitar lessons was to systematically take you through the various ways of approaching jazz like the greats used to play it. I want to keep the theory jargon to a minimum so we can get down to what is truly required for jazz guitar mastery.

So I created a complete video course called "Jazz Guitar Mastery" (pretty creative title ehh?) that begins by teaching you the basic tools we will be using to create improvisations over jazz standards and various chord types and progressions. I try to keep everything as easy to understand as possible.

As the course progresses the improvisations you will do will become more advanced but all the new concepts will just be expansions of the work you did before. I won't throw anything at you that isn't relevant to a real understanding of jazz and that doesn't have a connection to the earlier studies in the course.

Jazz Guitar Mastery proceeds from basic improvisation to more advanced concepts like, chord progressions, chord melody, playing jazz standards in multiple keys, advanced technique, arpeggios and advanced improvisation.

I am confident that anyone who goes through the complete course and practices the material will be able to play through any jazz standard or arrange beautiful chord melody arrangements on their own.

Remember that the more you play jazz using the concepts you learned in these jazz guitar lessons the quicker you will find yourself completely un-intimidated by this incredible art form.

We start with improvisation and the basic forms needed to improvise fluently on the guitar. I feel that is where any jazz guitar course should start since improvisation is the backbone of jazz.

If you are like most players that want to play jazz guitar fluently but don't know where to start. This course is all you need. 🙂

New chapters will be added weekly until the course is complete. Enjoy!


Jazz Guitar Mastery Complete Course

Chapter 1: Theory Introduction

Chapter 2: Five Fretboard Roadmaps

Chapter 3: Five Fretboard Roadmaps Technique

Chapter 4: Learning the Five Roadmaps In All Keys

Chapter 5: Three Note Chords ala Freddie Green

Chapter 6: 2-5-1 Chord Progressions In All Keys

Chapter 7: 7th Chords - String Set 6432

Chapter 8: 7th Chords - String Set 5321

Chapter 9: 7th Chords - String Set 4321

Chapter 10: 7th Chords - String Set 5432

Chapter 11: 7th Chords - String Set 6543

Chapter 12: ii-V-I Progressions With String Set Chords

Chapter 13: Ninth Chords

Chapter 14: Altered 5th Chords

Chapter 15: Turnarounds Pt.1

Chapter 16: Turnarounds Pt.2

Chapter 17: How to Practice Turnarounds

Chapter 18: I Chord Major 7th Arpeggios

Chapter 19: ii Chord Minor 7th Arpeggios

Chapter 20: V Chord Dominant 7th Arpeggios