Legendary Guitar Styles – Premium

These video lessons will showcase some of the legendary guitar styles of the greatest guitarists to ever live.

Originally this section was simply dedicated to a complete video course on the style of the great Eric Johnson. However, after many requests to give the same analytical treatment to other famous guitarists I have decided to expand this section to include much more.

I will be adding videos every week analyzing the playing style of legendary guitarists from many different eras and styles. Let me know of any particular guitarist you would like for me to focus on.

I think for most players I will dedicate 2-4 lessons covering their style. The Eric Johnson course will probably be the only one where I focus on just one player for an entire course.

If I do 2-4 video lessons of the essential concepts for each player, I will be able to tackle many more players over time.

So keep coming back every week as I add new lessons to this exciting new section!

 Legendary Guitar Styles