Online Beginner Guitar Course

This course is designed to take someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the guitar and help them develop their skills in a systematic fashion with online video lessons until they can play at an intermediate level as fast as possible.

Systematic is the important thing here. This video guitar course is meant to be gone through starting from chapter one and in order after that. If you go through it in that way it will help prevent any confusion you may have if you jumped around from chapter to chapter. The lessons build on one another so the order you watch them is important.

This online beginner guitar course is the result of many requests from prospective guitarists who simply just don't know where to begin. There is a lot of information on how to play the guitar all over the internet. All of that information can be great and extremely detrimental at the same time.

When someone if just starting to learn the guitar they can easily get frustrated with all the lesson they find on the internet. That is because there is no real system to it all. You are left to try and decipher what is the correct way to approach learning the guitar on your own.

I have taught literally thousands of beginning guitar players both in person and on the internet with great results using the methods that I follow in this course.

If you are confused about how to properly learn the guitar look no further. Through a systematic, easy to follow approach these videos will help you finally start achieving your guitar playing goals.

After you finish this course you will be ready to try out some of the more advanced lessons that you can find here at You will also have a better idea on what you want to study and how. 🙂

And as always, if you have any additional questions simply leave a comment under the current video lesson you are working on explaining what your question is. As a Premium subscriber your questions take priority over the rest and I will do my best to answer any questions you have as quickly as humanly possible.

Good Luck with the lessons! Carl..

Online Beginner Guitar Course

Chapter 1 - F.A.Q.

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals

Chapter 3 - How To Read Chord Diagrams

Chapter 4 - Basic Rhythms

Chapter 5 - Open Position Triads

Chapter 6 - Changing Chords

Chapter 7 - Rhythms with Chord Changes

Chapter 8 - How to Use a Metronome

Chapter 9 - Open Strings and Basic Tuning

Chapter 10 - Open Position C Major Scale

Chapter 11 - Playing Melodies Over Chords