Rock Improvisation Level Three

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I know with the enormous amount of free lesson materials found not only on this site, but all over the web it is easy for a guitarist to get frustrated as to where to start when they want to learn a specific style or technique.

Enter the Premium lessons.

Not only are they the most supported (questions from Premium and Premium Plus members always get answered first) lessons on the site, they are also the most thorough and systematic.

I have complete technique courses, as well as courses on blues, jazz, classical, theory/ear training and sight reading. I truly do put my heart and soul into these lessons and I consider the Premium lessons to be my definitive method for learning the guitar.

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-Matteo F.

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Premium Lessons

This Premium lesson section is the result of thousands of emails that I have received from people all over the world looking for a more systematic and less frustrating way of learning the guitar.

I know with the enormous amount of free lesson materials found not only on this site, but all over the web it is easy for a guitarist to get frustrated as to where to start when they want to learn a specific style or technique.

Enter the Premium lessons.

Not only are they the most supported (questions from Premium and Premium Plus members always get answered first) lessons on the site, they are also the most thorough and systematic.

I have complete technique courses, as well as courses on blues, jazz, classical, theory/ear training and sight reading. I truly do put my heart and soul into these lessons and I consider the Premium lessons to be my definitive method for learning the guitar.

Rock Guitar Lessons

Welcome to the world of rock guitar improvisation! I hope this in-depth rock guitar course will give
you all the tools you need in order to master the art of improvisation no matter what
style of rock music you like to play.

Let me give you a brief overview of how this course is structured and why I feel it is the
most thorough rock guitar improvisation course of it's kind.

In the first few levels of the course, I will be focused on teaching you all of the essential
materials (ie. Scales, Arpeggios, etc.) in a way that will be far less confusing and more
usable than anything you may have studied before.

We will begin Level One of rock guitar improvisation by learning some essential theory.
This theory study will be used throughout all of the levels so it is essential that you learn
it very well.

As you follow along with the video lessons, I will be continually demonstrating how to
apply this theory knowledge in a real world situation on the guitar. You will very
quickly realize that every key is basically the same and visualizing them across the
fretboard will become effortless in much less time than you have ever imagined.

After the opening levels, which focus on the theory and visualization aspects of the
guitar, we will then focus on applying all of this material using various improvisation
concepts. These concepts found in the higher levels of this course will teach you how to
improvise rock guitar solos musically with all of the essential scales, arpeggios and theory you learned in the
earlier levels.

This last part of the course is designed to show you how the art of improvisation isn't some
mysterious art that only a few guitar players are gifted enough to do. Good Luck!!

Rock Guitar Improvisation - Level One (Pentatonic Scales & Basic Theory)

Chapter One - Course Introduction

Chapter Two - Understanding Keys Easily

Chapter Three - Relative Keys Major/Minor

Chapter Four - Getting to Know GABE

Chapter Five - Major Pentatonic Pattern One

Chapter Six - Major Pentatonic Pattern Two

Chapter Seven - Major Pentatonic Pattern Three

Chapter Eight - Major Pentatonic Pattern Five

Chapter Nine - Major Pentatonic Pattern Six

Chapter Ten - 1 2 3 5 6 Workout

Rock Guitar Improvisation - Level Two (Major Scales)

Chapter One - Introduction

Chapter Two - Major Scale Pattern #1

Chapter Three - Rhythmic Phrasing

Chapter Four - Major Scale Pattern #2

Chapter Five - Major Scale Pattern #3

Chapter Six - Major Scale Pattern #4

Chapter Seven - Major Scale Pattern #5

Chapter Eight - Major Scale Pattern #6

Chapter Nine - Major Scale Pattern #7

Chapter Ten - Visualizing Guide Tones Within Keys

Rock Guitar Improvisation - Level Three (Minor Scales)

Chapter One - Relative Minor/Major Review

Chapter Two - Overlapping Minor Scales

Chapter Three - Overlapping Minor Scales From The Root

Chapter Four - Overlapping Minor Scales From The 2nd

Chapter Five - Overlapping Minor Scales From The 3rd

Chapter Six - Overlapping Minor Scales From The 4th

Chapter Seven - Overlapping Minor Scales From The 5th

Chapter Eight - Overlapping Minor Scales From The b6/6th

Chapter Nine - Overlapping Minor Scales From The b7/7th

Rock Guitar Improvisation - Level Four (Modes)

Chapter One - Introduction

Chapter Two - How Modes Work and Why You Already Know Them

Chapter Three - The Basic Modes

Chapter Four - Figuring Out A Mode's Parent Major Key

Chapter Five - Static Modal Harmony

Chapter Six - The Ionian Mode

Chapter Seven - The Dorian Mode

Chapter Eight - The Phrygian Mode

Chapter Nine - The Lydian Mode

Chapter Ten - The Mixolydian Mode

Chapter Eleven - The Aeolian Mode

Chapter Twelve - The Locrian Mode

Chapter Thirteen - Closing Remarks

Level Five Coming Coming Soon!

Premium Plus User Uploads

larvelljones - Starting Point and Improv

normanernst - Unchained

kumsam - Rock And Roll Band Solos

kumsam - Bad Boys Running Wild Solo

kumsam - Solo Help

kumsam - Thin Lizzy Escape Improvisation

christopherstevens - Playing More Musically

spozitivity – Realizing Musical Ideas

rajdeep.2001 – Solos and Phrasing

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

In these acoustic guitar lessons I will try to tackle all the most common techniques and styles associated with the acoustic guitar.

We will have lessons that range from beginner to very advanced and everything in between.

This section is now gonna be one the main things I will be focusing on for the site so please check back here often.

If there is a specific acoustic technique you would like to learn that I haven't covered yet please let me know!

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic Guitar Basics

Introduction To Arpeggiated Picking

Beginner Arpeggiated Picking Etude

Beginner Arpeggiated Picking Etude No.2


Greensleeves Acoustic Fingerstyle

Acoustic Fingerstyle

Acoustic Fingerstyle Basics

Acoustic Fingerstyle Block Chords

Popular Fingerstyle Patterns Pt.1

Popular Fingerstyle Patterns Pt.2

Popular Fingerstyle Patterns Pt.3

Basic Fingerstyle Etude No.1

Fun With Harmonics


Introduction To DADGAD Tuning

DADGAD Tuning Pt.2

Alba's Lament - DADGAD Acoustic Instrumental

Premium Plus Lessons

User Luke1 - Elliot Smith Lesson

User Luke1 - Needle In The Hay

Blues Guitar Lessons

The lessons found in this blues guitar section will teach you everything you will ever need to know to master playing the blues!

First up, we have a blues guitar improvisation course that will take you step-by-step through an easy to
understand yet very rewarding method for learning all the materials you need to become
a great blues guitar improviser.

As the levels progress, you will add more and more to your knowledge and practice very
specific exercises with backing tracks that will enable you to make everything part of
your own musical DNA.

There are many books and methods out there that will simply show you some licks and
scale patterns in hopes you will be able to take that information and make real music
with it. Unfortunately, that doesn't usually happen.

With this improvisation method, I plan on concentrating on the essential skills you need
to be a great blues guitar improviser. Because of that, we will be tackling not only
specific blues guitar licks and scale patterns, but also demonstrate how and why it works
the way it does.

As the video lessons begin, I will be showing you step-by-step how to apply your new
music knowledge to the fretboard in a consistent and cohesive manner. Good Luck!

Blues Guitar Improvisation - Level One

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Understanding Keys

Chapter 3: Pentatonic Scales Explained

Chapter 4: Relative Keys & Minor Pentatonic

Chapter 5: 12 Bar Blues Progression

Chapter 6: Pentatonic Form #1

Chapter 7: Pentatonic Form #2

Chapter 8: Pentatonic Form #3

Chapter 9: Pentatonic Form #5

Chapter 10: Pentatonic Form #6

Chapter 11: Targeting the 3rds of Pentatonic Form #6

Chapter 12: Targeting the 3rds of Pentatonic Form #1

Chapter 13: Targeting the 3rds of Pentatonic Form #2

Chapter 14: Targeting the 3rds of Pentatonic Form #3

Chapter 15: Targeting the 3rds of Pentatonic Form #5

Chapter 16: Closing Remarks

Blues Guitar Mastery Complete Course

These blues guitar lessons are the combination of TONS of research and teaching of the blues guitar for almost 2 decades.

As with any style specific study, learning how to truly understand and play the blues can be quite confusing. There is a lot of information out there, but most it just seems to go in one ear and out the other for most players when they try to use what they have learned.

To remedy this situation, I created my Blues Guitar Mastery course. At the moment it is still on going but I think it already has enough material in it to give you a great grasp of the art of blues guitar in a very systematic fashion. By the time I finish the course I believe it will be the most complete and systematic study on the art of playing blues guitar you can find.

New chapters will be added to the course weekly until it is complete so keep coming back for the new stuff!

In addition to the Blues Guitar Mastery course, I have included a new section of blues guitar lessons devoted to traditional acoustic fingerstyle blues. I think the acoustic fingerstyle blues section is essential because that is where our modern day blues comes from. Plus there are some really cool techniques and tunes to learn in that style!

Chapter 1: 12 Bar Progressions

Chapter 2: Shuffle Rhythms

Chapter 3: Minor Blues Scale Box 1

Chapter 4: Blues Techniques For Improvisation

Chapter 5: Blues Scale Box Two

Chapter 6: The Major Blues & How To Use It

Chapter 7: The 3 Remaining Blues Scale Boxes

Chapter 8: Superimposing Major & Minor Blues Scales

Chapter 9: Connecting Blues Scales

Chapter 10: Chord Substitutions

Chapter 11: Double Stops Pt.1

Chapter 12: Double Stops Pt.2

Chapter 13: Improvising The Blues In All Keys

Chapter 14: Minor Blues Pt.1

Chapter 15: Minor Blues Improvisation

Chapter 16: Blues Turnarounds Pt.1

Chapter 17: Blues Turnarounds Pt.2

Chapter 18: Vibrato Technique

Chapter 19: B.B. King Style Blues

Chapter 20: Phrasing Pt.1

Chapter 21: Phrasing Pt.2

Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues

Getting In The Groove

7th Chord Shapes

Filling In The Gaps With Scale Tones

Dropping The 7th For Variety

Sliding 9ths

Single Note Melodies With A Thumb Bass Groove

Premium Plus User Uploads

BlayzeWindham - Jazzin' Up The Blues

BlayzeWindham - Blues Licks and Standards

BlayzeWindham - Rockin' Blues Funk

Jaydeep - Blues Turnaround Timing

Carpunky - Acoustic Blues Bass Groove

BlayzeWindham - I Wish

saltfishr - Blues Improvisation

chris1428 - Introduction

saltfishr - Blues Improvisation

christopherstevens – Technical review

Beginner Guitar Course

This course is designed to take someone who has absolutely no knowledge of the guitar and help them develop their skills in a systematic fashion with online video lessons until they can play at an intermediate level as fast as possible.

Systematic is the important thing here. This video guitar course is meant to be gone through starting from chapter one and in order after that. If you go through it in that way it will help prevent any confusion you may have if you jumped around from chapter to chapter. The lessons build on one another so the order you watch them is important.

This online beginner guitar course is the result of many requests from prospective guitarists who simply just don't know where to begin. There is a lot of information on how to play the guitar all over the internet. All of that information can be great and extremely detrimental at the same time.

When someone if just starting to learn the guitar they can easily get frustrated with all the lessons they find on the internet. That is because there is no real system to it all. You are left to try and decipher what is the correct way to approach learning the guitar on your own.

I have taught literally thousands of beginning guitar players both in person and on the internet with great results using the methods that I follow in this course.

If you are confused about how to properly learn the guitar look no further. Through a systematic, easy to follow approach these videos will help you finally start achieving your guitar playing goals.

After you finish this course you will be ready to try out some of the more advanced lessons that you can find here at You will also have a better idea on what you want to study and how. πŸ™‚

And as always, if you have any additional questions simply leave a comment under the current video lesson you are working on explaining what your question is. As a Premium subscriber your questions take priority over the rest and I will do my best to answer any questions you have as quickly as humanly possible.

Good Luck with the lessons! Carl..

Online Beginner Guitar Course

Chapter 1 - F.A.Q.

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals

Chapter 3 - How To Read Chord Diagrams

Chapter 4 - Basic Rhythms

Chapter 5 - Open Position Triads

Chapter 6 - Changing Chords

Chapter 7 - Rhythms with Chord Changes

Chapter 8 - How to Use a Metronome

Chapter 9 - Open Strings and Basic Tuning

Chapter 10 - Open Position C Major Scale

Chapter 11 - Playing Melodies Over Chords

Chapter 12 - Arpeggiated Picking

Chapter 13 - Alternate Picking

Premium Plus User Uploads

SodaPop - Playing Overview

Legendary Guitar Styles

These video lessons will showcase some of the legendary guitar styles of the greatest guitarists to ever live.

Originally this section was simply dedicated to a complete video course on the style of the great Eric Johnson. However, after many requests to give the same analytical treatment to other famous guitarists I have decided to expand this section to include much more.

I will be adding videos every week analyzing the playing style of legendary guitarists from many different eras and styles. Let me know of any particular guitarist you would like for me to focus on.

I think for most players I will dedicate 2-4 lessons covering their style. The Eric Johnson course will probably be the only one where I focus on just one player for an entire course.

If I do 2-4 video lessons of the essential concepts for each player, I will be able to tackle many more players over time.

So keep coming back every week as I add new lessons to this exciting new section!

Legendary Guitar Styles

Eric Johnson Style Soloing Complete Course

Chapter 1: Pentatonic Sequences

Chapter 2: Open Voiced Triads

Chapter 3: Harmonizing A Melody Using Open Voiced Triads

Chapter 4: Fast Ascending Arpeggios

Chapter 5: Harmonizing A Melody w/add9, sus4 & Power Chords

Chapter 6: Koto Techniques

Chapter 7: Harp, Tap & Classical Harmonics

Chapter 8: The Minor Hexatonic Scale

Chapter 9: Modal Target Notes

Chapter 10: Harmonic Foundations Pt.1

Chapter 11: Eric Johnson Style Solo No.1

Chapter 12: Harmonic Foundations Pt.2

Various Popular Guitar Styles

Zakk Wylde Style Rapid Pentatonics

Premium Plus Subscriber Uploads

blayzewindham - Connecting EJ Pentatonics & Economy Picking Ideas

blayzewindham - Help w/ Fly Like an Eagle & Miss You

Guitar Technique Lessons

This area of the Premium lessons section is kinda like your local gym.

This is where you go to get your hands in shape and also develop a higher level of coordination on the guitar than you had before. I think that no matter what style of music you play, having a well developed and versatile guitar technique is essential.

On this page there many different techniques for you to practice including a couple of complete technique courses unlike anything available anywhere else. If you work your way all the way through those courses I promise your picking technique will improve immensely.

Check back here often because new technique lessons are added every week. Also, let me know if there is a technique that you would be interested in studying but isn't currently covered here. πŸ™‚

Guitar Technique Lessons

Alternate Picking Mastery Course

Chapter 1: Course Introduction & Proper Pick Positioning

Chapter 2: Tremolo Picking Rhythmic Accuracy

Chapter 3: Single String Foundations 3's

Chapter 4: Single String Foundations 4's

Chapter 5: Single String Foundations 2's

Chapter 6: Single String Etude

Chapter 7: All Single String 3 Finger Combinations

Chapter 8: All Single String 4 Finger Combinations

Chapter 9: String Crossing Patterns Pt.1

Chapter 10: String Crossing Patterns Pt.2 with Speed Bursts

Chapter 11: String Crossing Patterns Etude

Chapter 12: Pentatonic Patterns

Chapter 13: Pentatonic Patterns Etude

Chapter 14: Isolating String Crossings

Chapter 15: Isolating String Crossings Etude

Chapter 16: String Skipping with Scale Patterns

Chapter 17: String Skipping with Scale Patterns Etude

Chapter 18: String Skipping with Pentatonics

Chapter 19: String Skipping with Pentatonics Etude

Chapter 20: Isolating String Crossings with Skips

Chapter 21: Isolating String Crossings with Skips Etude

Chapter 22: Alternate Picking Arpeggios Across Strings

Chapter 23: Etude Using All Previous Course Techniques

Sweep Picking

Popular Sweep Picking Patterns

Uncommon Sweep Picking Patterns Pt.1

Uncommon Sweep Picking Patterns Pt.2

Sweep Picked Pentatonic Scales Pt.1

Sweep Picked Pentatonic Scales Pt.2

Intervallic Sweep Picking Pt.1

Intervallic Sweep Picking Pt.2

Intervallic Sweep Picking Pt.3

Economy Picking Mastery Course

Chapter 1: Economy Picking Foundations - Picking Across Two Strings

Chapter 2: Economy Picking Across 3 or More Strings

Chapter 3: Changing Direction With Economy Picking

Chapter 4: Practice Etude No.1

Chapter 5: Pentatonic Sequences Pt.1

Chapter 6: Pentatonic Sequences Pt.2

Chapter 7: Pentatonic Etude

Chapter 8: Mini-Sweeps

Chapter 9: Pentatonics w/Mini-Sweeps Descending

Chapter 10: Pentatonics w/Mini-Sweeps Ascending

Chapter 11: Major Scales w/Mini-Sweeps

Chapter 12: Combining Patterns With Exercises Pt.1

Chapter 13: Combining Patterns With Exercises Pt.2

Chapter 14: Sweep Picking

Chapter 15: Final Complete Etude

Hybrid Picking

Hybrid Picking Single Note Lines Pt.1

Doublestops In Fast Picking Patterns


Legato Fragments Pt.1

Legato Etude No.1


Pentatonic Tapping


3 Notes Per String Minor Pentatonic Scales Pt.1

3 Notes Per String Minor Pentatonic Scales Pt.2

Premium Plus User Uploads

Alex-sundayvideos - Thumb Position

Blayzewindham - Economy Picked Blues Licks

Blayzewindham - Vibrato & Bending Practice

SodaPop - Freight Train Fingerstyle

Drakeman - Practice Routine

Drakeman - Holding the Pick and Pentatonics

Thekonas - Alternate Picking

ChrisG - Iron Man

willthompson2012 - Trapped In Scales

simonjrourke - Finger Stretches and Vibrato

simonjrourke - Economy Picking Progress

christoperg - Creating a Routine

Ken Nielsen - Guitar Positioning

Ken Nielsen - Picking Progress

Ken Nielsen - Arpeggio Picking

Ken Nielsen - Pink Floyd Arpeggios

blayzewindham - Boz Scaggs & Joe Cocker Licks

Ken Nielsen - Comfortably Numb Fingerstyle

Eramos - Overall Playing Introduction

ehabmohsen - Guitar Positioning and Exercises

Schlatter23 – Developing a Lesson Plan

normanernst – Technique Limitations

normanernst – String Crossing

saltfishr – Modes and Picking

normanernst - Fast Picking Lick

normanernst - Pick Angle

saltfishr - The Ocean

mojodelic - Right Hand Problems

sshell85 - Finger Positioning for Scales

normanernst - Preferred Picking and Left Hand Muting

normanernst - Finding An Easier Picking Pattern

rajdeep.2001 - Finger Orientation

Guitar Chords & Progressions

These guitar chord lessons below are basically split into two sections.

First, we have my Guitar Chord Mastery course which demonstrates a systematic approach to getting virtually every chord imaginable underneath your fingertips. In essence, after going through the course you will have a complete guitar chord reference book in your head. πŸ™‚

The next section deals with chord progressions or to put it another way, the progressions section will teach you how to use all those chord shapes you are learning in the Guitar Chord Mastery course in a musical setting.

Currently I only have part one of the Guitar Chord Mastery course complete and the chord progressions section has just begun so check back every week for more lessons!

Guitar Chord Lessons & Progressions

Guitar Chord Mastery Pt.1 Complete Course

Chapter 1: Open Position Triads

Chapter 2: Open Position 7th Chords

Chapter 3: Power Chords

Chapter 4: Common Triad Inversions

Chapter 5: CAGED System Triads (Major and Minor)

Chapter 6: CAGED System Triads (Diminished and Augmented)

Chapter 7: CAGED Triads Workout

Chapter 8: Sus Chords

Chapter 9: CAGED Maj. 7th with 7th Practice Guidelines

Chapter 10: CAGED Min. 7th, Dom. 7th and Dim 7th

Chapter 11: CAGED 7th's Workout

Chapter 12: CAGED Half Dim 7th, Aug 7th and min/Maj 7th

Chapter 13: All CAGED 7's Workout

Chapter 14: Systematic Inversion of Major, Minor Triads

Chapter 15: Systematic Inversion of Diminished, Augmented Triads

Chapter 16: Open Voiced Triads

Chapter 17: Systematic Inversion of 7th Chords

Chord Progressions

Chord Progressions Pt.1

Primary & Secondary Triads

Premium Plus User Uploads

sshell85 - Minor Chord Progressions

Ear Training & Music Theory

Us guitarists are an interesting bunch. We can sit and practice for hours on end mastering our favorite licks or songs and give little to no thought to developing our actual musicianship.

We seem to easily forget that music is a hearing art. Beyond the ability to hear music (either from the outside world or in your own mind) and understand what is going on by ear, we have the dreaded subject of music theory.

Once again most guitarists hear the words "music theory" and run for the hills. Then they hide behind statements made by many famous guitarists proclaiming that they don't know any theory as if that is what makes them so brilliant.

You want the real truth? Anyone can learn a bunch of licks or styles from their favorite players and combine them to create something other guitar players can relate to. No real musical knowledge is needed for that, just a innate ability to copy other players well enough that you can combine their styles and licks and make it all something you call your own.

Trust me, don't listen to these players no matter how great they are! Having a large amount of knowledge on how and why music works, as well as a incredible ear to hear it all will do nothing but make your ability level and creativity on the instrument explode!

Just imagine if all those great players who say they just create everything instinctively or something, actually had incredibly developed ears and music theory minds.

So this course is designed to take you from the very beginning to an extremely advanced level in both ear training and theory.

It will be ongoing with a new lesson added every week. If you follow along to the very end you will have the ability to hear any tonal music (even music in your mind) and instantly know exactly what you are hearing without needing an instrument to figure it out.

For too long music theory and ear training have been treated as separate areas of study. But what good is knowing a music theory concept without knowing what is sounds like? Well, in this course I am gonna teach you theory while you learn how to hear every theory concept we cover in your mind.

And as an added bonus we are going to do this study on the guitar so you will be able to hear something in your mind and immediately visualize it on the fretboard. Music theory knowledge isn't worth very much if you can't apply it to your own instrument right?

Obviously, this kind of study takes time. I suggest spending at least 1 week per chapter before moving on to the next. Every chapter will use materials we studied earlier so be sure not to skip anything.

So if you are ready for this journey to turn yourself into true musician, let's get started.

Before you begin the course I suggest knowing these prerequisite lessons like the back of your hand.

Understanding Major Keys Quickly and Easily

3-Notes Per String Major Scales

Ear Training & Music Theory Course Introduction PDF

Ear Training and Music Theory For Guitar

Chapter 1 - Solfege with Major Scales

Chapter 2 - Major Scale Intervals

Chapter 3 - Solfege Exercises

Metal Guitar Lessons

The metal guitar lessons are for all levels of players who want to understand how everything from classic to modern metal rhythms and solos are constructed and performed.

I am gonna try and make this page contain the essential elements that every metal guitarist should know, but even if you aren't a complete metal head a lot of these concepts and techniques can be applied to other styles of music.

I will try and keep the easier lessons at the top of the list. As you progress down through the list of lessons in each category the lessons will become more advanced.

This page is obviously very new so I will be putting a lot of material of this page in the coming weeks and months.

If you have a specific style of metal or technique that you would like for me to cover please don't hesitate to let me know. I want to do lessons that you guys actually want to see!

Also, even though most of these metal guitar lessons will be on a standard tuned 6 string guitar, I will be adding a 7 string guitar category soon in order to cover some of the more modern metal techniques.

Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal Guitar Improvisation - Level One

Chapter One: Course Introduction

Chapter Two: Understanding Keys Easily

Chapter Three: Relative Keys Major/Minor

Chapter Four: Getting to know GABE

Chapter Five: 3 notes-per-string Scales & Fretboard Regions

Chapter Six: Major Scale Root Pattern

Chapter Seven: 2nd Major Scale Pattern & Moveable Shapes

Chapter Eight: 3rd Major Scale Pattern

Chapter Nine: 4th Major Scale Pattern

Chapter Ten: 5th Major Scale Pattern

Chapter Eleven: 6th Major Scale Pattern

Chapter Twelve: 7th Major Scale Pattern

Chapter Thirteen: Combining Patterns (Everything Becomes One)

Chapter Fourteen: Scales Degrees Workout

Metal Rhythm Guitar

Metal Rhythm Guitar Basics

Metal Gallop Rhythms

Metal Rhythm Speed Bursts

Jazz Guitar Lessons

The idea I had for these jazz guitar lessons was to systematically take you through the various ways of approaching jazz like the greats used to play it. I want to keep the theory jargon to a minimum so we can get down to what is truly required for jazz guitar mastery.

So I created a complete video course called "Jazz Guitar Mastery" (pretty creative title ehh?) that begins by teaching you the basic tools we will be using to create improvisations over jazz standards and various chord types and progressions. I try to keep everything as easy to understand as possible.

As the course progresses the improvisations you will do will become more advanced but all the new concepts will just be expansions of the work you did before. I won't throw anything at you that isn't relevant to a real understanding of jazz and that doesn't have a connection to the earlier studies in the course.

Jazz Guitar Mastery proceeds from basic improvisation to more advanced concepts like, chord progressions, chord melody, playing jazz standards in multiple keys, advanced technique, arpeggios and advanced improvisation.

I am confident that anyone who goes through the complete course and practices the material will be able to play through any jazz standard or arrange beautiful chord melody arrangements on their own.

Remember that the more you play jazz using the concepts you learned in these jazz guitar lessons the quicker you will find yourself completely un-intimidated by this incredible art form.

We start with improvisation and the basic forms needed to improvise fluently on the guitar. I feel that is where any jazz guitar course should start since improvisation is the backbone of jazz.

If you are like most players that want to play jazz guitar fluently but don't know where to start. This course is all you need. πŸ™‚

New chapters will be added weekly until the course is complete. Enjoy!

Jazz Guitar Mastery Complete Course

Chapter 1: Theory Introduction

Chapter 2: Five Fretboard Roadmaps

Chapter 3: Five Fretboard Roadmaps Technique

Chapter 4: Learning the Five Roadmaps In All Keys

Chapter 5: Three Note Chords ala Freddie Green

Chapter 6: 2-5-1 Chord Progressions In All Keys

Chapter 7: 7th Chords - String Set 6432

Chapter 8: 7th Chords - String Set 5321

Chapter 9: 7th Chords - String Set 4321

Chapter 10: 7th Chords - String Set 5432

Chapter 11: 7th Chords - String Set 6543

Chapter 12: ii-V-I Progressions With String Set Chords

Chapter 13: Ninth Chords

Chapter 14: Altered 5th Chords

Chapter 15: Turnarounds Pt.1

Chapter 16: Turnarounds Pt.2

Chapter 17: How to Practice Turnarounds

Chapter 18: I Chord Major 7th Arpeggios

Chapter 19: ii Chord Minor 7th Arpeggios

Chapter 20: V Chord Dominant 7th Arpeggios

Classical Guitar Lessons

These classical guitar lessons are meant to serve multiple purposes.

First, they are designed to systematically teach you the art of the classical guitar. If you have no experience with the classical guitar, simply start with the first lesson in the basic classical guitar category then work your way down. After you finish all of those lessons you will be ready for the the intermediate classical guitar category.

The second purpose of these classical guitar lessons is for the guitarist who doesn't necessarily want to learn traditional classical guitar, but would like to develop a strong, fluid, accurate and consistent fingerstyle technique.

You will find that going through these lessons and practicing the exercises will help you develop your fingerstyle technique to the maximum no matter what style of music you wish to play.

Since most players are somewhere within a beginner to intermediate level I will concentrate on adding lessons to those two categories first. I will debut an advanced classical guitar category in the spring of 2015 after I have plenty of lessons for the basic and intermediate sections completed.

Most of the intermediate and advanced sections will focus on learning new pieces. The classical guitar repertoire is filled with so much beautiful music these sections will eventually make up a majority of the classical guitar lessons. The basic classical guitar section will consist of detailed technique lessons and introductory music to practice. Since most guitar players can't read traditional sheet music, all of the lessons in the basic classical guitar section will contain TAB for you to download. However, all of the music in the intermediate and advanced sections will only be available in traditional sheet music since I feel it is so important to learn how to read music for the guitar.

Luckily, there is also a sight reading course here in the classical guitar Premium section of GL365 that will teach you step-by-step how to become a competent sight reader on the guitar. Simply scroll down this page to see the sight reading course. New chapters added weekly!

I hope many guitar players will discover the incredible world of classical guitar through these lessons and that they will provide a lifetime of beautiful and inspiring music for you to play!

Classical Guitar Lessons

Basic Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar Nail Care

Holding A Classical Guitar

The Free Stroke

The Rest Stroke

Left Hand Finger Placement

Full & Sequential Planting

Guiliani Right Hand Studies Group 1a

Guiliani Right Hand Studies Group 1b

Guiliani Right Hand Studies Group 2a

Tarrega Arpeggio Studies Pt.1

Segovia Scales - C Major Pattern

Walking Into Chords

Fenando Sor - Op.35 No.1

Matteo Carcassi - Etude No.3

Fernando Sor - Study No.5 In B Minor

Intermediate Classical Guitar

Intermediate lessons debuting Spring 2016!

Sight Reading For Guitar Video Course

Sight Reading For Guitar - Chapter 1

Sight Reading For Guitar - Chapter 2

Sight Reading For Guitar - Chapter 3

Premium Plus Video Upload

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This is where you can easily and securely upload your video for me to review and create a custom video response.

You can upload a video pertaining to any Premium lesson on the site OR pretty much anything you may be having trouble with on the guitar. Even if it is a video that has nothing to do with any lessons on this site, I will be more than happy to make a video response to help you with anything guitar or music related (theory, ear training, etc..) you are having trouble with.

Make sure you upload your video following all of the instructions including allowable file types, maximum file size (100MB) and filling in all the fields including the name, email and message field where you can describe what your video includes and perhaps let me know about more questions you may have.

Also, and this is VERY important, place my email address into your email client's address book so you will be sure to receive any emails from me letting you know that your customized video lesson is ready for you to view.

My email will include a link to the page on the site dedicated to your lesson. Other Premium Plus members will also be able to watch both your video and my response as well.

In addition, keep in mind that if you submit multiple videos within a short time I may just respond to all of them with one video lesson that will cover all of your videos.

If one of the allowed file types doesn't match the file type of your video please let me know. I may be able to add it to the accepted file types list which will then allow you to upload your video.

Also, please include the email address below that is associated with your Premium Plus account!

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