Stealing From Legends Ep.1 – Jimi Hendrix

In this Stealing From Legends episode, I will demonstrate my favorite part of Jimi Hendrix's playing style, his use of embellishments around basic chord forms.

This playing style is extremely effective and is pretty easy to do whenever you want to create beautiful cascading chordal runs. Hendrix's intro to "Little Wing" is probably his most well known use of this technique.

I will break down the process of how to understand what is going on whenever you hear someone playing in this style. But better yet, I will then show you how to make this a part of your own playing whenever you want.

Of course, there are a lot of cool techniques and musical concepts we could steal from Jimi Hendrix, but by far, this one if my favorite.


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Stealing From Legends Ep.1 - Jimi Hendrix


  1. Davens Michael on June 11, 2019 at 8:41 am

    Hi Carl!

    Thanks for all your time teaching us licks and stuff. Since i want to steal this legend’s licks. Can you help us with all the licks on this video?
    1. (all)
    2. (from 2:42 – 4:52)

    best regards,

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