Guitar Speed Bursts – Breaking Your Own Speed Barrier

One of the questions that I am constantly asked as a guitar teacher is “what is the best way to develop speed on the guitar?”.

Now, just as I point out in the video lesson, speed is not everything, but it is a valuable tool that every musician should have in their toolbox. There are many …Continue Reading »

Classical Style Harmonics For Guitar

In these two video guitar lessons I will demonstrate classical style harmonics for guitar. This harmonic technique is extremely useful no matter what style of music you play.

The first video lesson below demonstrates the basics of how the technique is performed on the guitar. Don’t worry about what type of guitar you are practicing these …Continue Reading »

Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.2

For the second lesson video in this developing fingerstyle guitar independence series, we will make things just a little bit trickier byincoporationg the little finger into the picking patterns.

Remember, that any fingers that aren’t involved in a particular picking pattern should be resting by lightly planting on their respective strings. It is this relaxation of …Continue Reading »

Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.1

In this lesson series I will demonstrate some fingerstyle guitar exercises that I have found to greatly aid in the training of the picking hand fingers to be more relaxed, coordinated and independent of the other fingers.

The process of developing fingerstyle guitar independence involves basic fingerpicking patterns with a slight twist. That little twist is …Continue Reading »

Dimebag Darrell Style Harmonics

The late great Dimebag Darrell had many signature elements about his playing style that catapulted him to the top of the metal guitar world in the early nineties.

Probably the most notable technique in his bag of tricks was the insane harmonic screams that he could conjure out of his guitar. We had heard harmonics and …Continue Reading »

Week 9 – Guitar String Bending Exercise

This week’s guitar technique workout is going to focus on guitar string bending exercise that will helps us keep those bends in tune!

We are using a simple melody on one string and using only bends or pre-bends to play it, then taking it across every single string.

As I talk about in the video, you will …Continue Reading »

Eric Clapton Style Blues Lick “Lick Of The Week”

In this week’s “Lick of The Week” lesson we are going to learn a cool Eric Clapton style lick that combines a few things out of his legendary bag of tricks.

As with just anything to do with Eric Clapton’s playing, the focus here is on phrasing, keeping those bends in tune and a fat, smooth …Continue Reading »

Weekly Guitar Technique Workout – Week 8

In this week’s guitar technique workout we will be practicing some speed bursts using pentatonic scales!

The pentatonic scale is great for alternate picking exercises when played in it’s standard two notes per string format. This is because of the awkward string crossing required when using straight alternate picking.

We are now going to take advantage of …Continue Reading »

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