Creating Guitar Chords From Scale Forms

In this video guitar lesson, I am going to do something a little bit different. Instead of showing you tons of well worn chord forms that are passed down from previous generations of guitar players, or boring you with tons of music theory to create your own, I will show you a simple method to …Continue Reading »

Metal Rhythm Guitar Speed Bursts

As you guys have probably seen already, I teach a lot of metal songs at GuitarLessons365. I try not to shy away from the more difficult hard rock and metal songs and that means not only a bunch of crazy fast solos, but lots of extremely fast rhythm guitar playing as well.

One of the most …Continue Reading »

Using the Phrygian Dominant Mode

In this quick video guitar lesson, I will show you how to improvise using the Phrygian Dominant mode by using your familiar harmonic minor scale forms.

If you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of how to play the harmonic scale over the entire fretboard don’t worry. Simply check out my harmonic minor scale guitar lessons and …Continue Reading »

How to Use Secondary Dominant Chords

In this lesson we will continue our look at effective ways to create more interesting chord progressions by studying how to use secondary dominant chords.

The term secondary dominant may sound a bit scary to some musicians that don’t have a lot of music theory training, but the concept of secondary dominants and their usage in …Continue Reading »

Chord Progressions with Borrowed Chords

In this lesson I am going to begin to answer a question a user had about why some chord progressions in popular music contain chords that aren’t supposed to be within the key.

There can actually be many reasons for this, but for the most part, a lot of the chords found in popular music that …Continue Reading »

Guitar Speed Bursts – Breaking Your Own Speed Barrier

One of the questions that I am constantly asked as a guitar teacher is “what is the best way to develop speed on the guitar?”.

Now, just as I point out in the video lesson, speed is not everything, but it is a valuable tool that every musician should have in their toolbox. There are many …Continue Reading »

Classical Style Harmonics For Guitar

In these two video guitar lessons I will demonstrate classical style harmonics for guitar. This harmonic technique is extremely useful no matter what style of music you play.

The first video lesson below demonstrates the basics of how the technique is performed on the guitar. Don’t worry about what type of guitar you are practicing these …Continue Reading »

Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.2

For the second lesson video in this developing fingerstyle guitar independence series, we will make things just a little bit trickier byincoporationg the little finger into the picking patterns.

Remember, that any fingers that aren’t involved in a particular picking pattern should be resting by lightly planting on their respective strings. It is this relaxation of …Continue Reading »

Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.1

In this lesson series I will demonstrate some fingerstyle guitar exercises that I have found to greatly aid in the training of the picking hand fingers to be more relaxed, coordinated and independent of the other fingers.

The process of developing fingerstyle guitar independence involves basic fingerpicking patterns with a slight twist. That little twist is …Continue Reading »

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