Rock Improvisation Level Three

One Trick for Perfect Hand Positioning

In this lesson, I will show you an easy exercise to practice that will make sure your frethand is in the proper position for playing scales and bar chords.

As I mention in the video lesson, there are many playing instances when this “perfect” hand position is not suitable. For things like open chords, bends and vibrato, …Continue Reading »

Using a Metronome To Practice Difficult Licks

In this video guitar lesson, I am going to show you one of the best ways I have found to master difficult guitar licks.

We all know the feeling of having most of a guitar solo under our fingers, but there seems to always be a couple licks within the solo that we just can’t seem …Continue Reading »

Being Creative with Common Guitar Licks

In this lesson, I will demonstrate some easy ways to take common guitar licks that you play everyday, and turn them into unique ideas for improvisation.

Be sure to grab the TAB for this video lesson below in order to follow along with the video lesson more easily.

Being Creative with Common Guitar Licks TAB PDF Download

I …Continue Reading »

How to Practice Guitar With A Purpose

In this two-part video guitar lesson series, I will talk about what I feel are the most important elements to focus on when practicing and when creating a practice routine.

By the amount of messages I get on the subject, I feel that many players are confused as to what to practice and when. This leads them …Continue Reading »

Koto Technique ala Eric Johnson

In this quick video guitar lesson, I will demonstrate how to play a cool sounding guitar technique called “Koto Technique”.

The player I have heard this from the most is the great Eric Johnson. However, I am sure there are many players that use this technique.

Grab the TAB for the video lesson below.

Koto Technique PDF Download

The concept is …Continue Reading »

Fun Frethand Exercise – Guitar Technique Lesson

In today’s video lesson, I will show you a fun little frethand exercise that will really get you loosened up and help build strength.

Be sure not to overdue it though, playing this kind of exercise for an extended period of time can be really tiring for the hand. An especially good workout would be to …Continue Reading »

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