Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.2

For the second lesson video in this developing fingerstyle guitar independence series, we will make things just a little bit trickier byincoporationg the little finger into the picking patterns.

Remember, that any fingers that aren't involved in a particular picking pattern should be resting by lightly planting on their respective strings. It is this relaxation of the inactive fingers that develops the finger independence these exercises are trying to create.

I want to reiterate that you need to concentrate on staying as relaxed as you possibly can. That includes your shoulders, back and neck but most importantly your forearm, wrist, hand and fingers. Relaxation is the #1 ingredient to a fast and fluid technique. Tense guitar players never reach their full playing potential due to improper training.

Be sure to "Grab the TAB" for this video lesson below to more easily follow along with the lesson.

Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.2 TAB PDF Download

By incorporating just the few exercises you have learned in part one and now part two of this lesson series into your daily practice, you will notice after just a few weeks some big changes to your fingerstyle technique.

Eventually it will become second nature to you to simply stay nice and relaxed during fingerpicking while your fingers seem to have much more independence and speed.

These exercises would actually make a great warm up routine!

Also, don't forget that when you begin playing some real fingerstyle music after practicing these exercises, you will need to stop planting the inactive fingers on the strings. You will still want to maintain that relaxed feeling though. These exercises are just a simple way to feel what it means to have relaxed and independent fingers.

OK that is about it from me today. Enjoy the lesson!


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Developing Fingerstyle Guitar Independence Pt.2

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