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Layla Unplugged Guitar Lesson Videos – Eric Clapton

In these Layla Unplugged guitar lesson videos you will learn how to play Eric Clapton's acoustic version of his classic hit note-for-note!

The original version of Layla was released in 1971 as part of the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominos. It is co-written by Jim Gordon.

These Layla Unplugged guitar lesson videos focus on his acoustic reworking of that hit that became an instant classic. With these video guitar lessons I will take you through all of the rhythm guitar parts and solos played by Eric Clapton in this iconic performance.

Originally recorded for the MTV unplugged series, the live album from the TV broadcast became one of the biggest selling albums of his career.

Eric Clapton earned six Grammy Awards for the album including Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, Best Rock Male Vocal Performance and Best Rock Song.

The Layla Unplugged guitar lesson videos are 3 video lessons in all, each breaking down a different section of the song. Have fun sinking your teeth into an all time classic and one of the greatest rock love songs ever. Good luck!! 😀

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Layla Unplugged Guitar Lesson - Intro

Layla Unplugged Guitar Lesson - Verse and Chorus

Layla Unplugged Guitar Lesson - Solo


  1. peter says:

    mr ,carl brown. my spelling is bad so bear with me pls.i have to say out of all you tube videos i had seen,this one teaching this and that,it didnt thrill me by anymeans.but when i found you on the tube you are thee best instructer i have ever take your time with note for note,in a nut shell u are the best out there.thanks to u i can play joe satrani’s sacth boogie.need to learn solo part next……thanks for all the hard work you do for guys like us.who want to learn.and i will donate some money to keep this site going/.i think everyone should.a guitar lesson runs $40 an hour,so ppl do the math,lets all give back to what was giveng.your pal peter………aka (axe)

  2. ABDERRAHMAN says:


  3. Mike Gibbs says:

    Hi Carl Just came across your website. Really enjoyed watching the Layla video. Are you able to provide a tab for the song. I have guitar pro yet none of the tabs are accurate.

  4. Akmal Coolz says:

    nice lessons. I got one song request “Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven”. Plzz

  5. Akmal Coolz says:

    im yours (jason mraz) by sungha jung.. plz……

  6. Mark Werheim says:

    Hi Carl,

    Any thought to laying down the electric version of Layla?

    Your humble student.


  7. DLCampbell says:

    Carl, you inspire me to once again play the guitar. I quit for many years
    and have regrets. I will help your site, as to the time you put into your work. I hope to see you and your God given ability for a long time.
    I have very little money, but will contribute as soon as I can. Keep up the exceptional work, and I look forward to starting my journey once more

  8. Gilles Plamondon says:

    Great song ! I love this stuff. I also work on those finger exercises, they’re tough but it pays off. We get a lot for our money, thanks. So every once in a while I’ll ask for a request and when or if you play it I’ll donate more for your time.

    Thanks again Carl.

    So, if you can “Cats in the cradle”

  9. Patrick says:

    Great lesson…I hope you will do some day a guitar lesson for “In memory of Elizabeth Reed” by the Allman brothers band…Thank you for all the work your are sharing…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Guys, if you really need TAB’s support the musicians and BUY them. In this case the book Wolf Marshall wrote for the Unplugged album is worth every cent.

  11. george kerr says:

    Thanks for this lesson. A song I always wanted to play correctly and now thanks to your help I can. Some more unplugged songs would be great, esp. Nobody Knows you and some of the Robert Johnson songs.
    Thanks again.

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