Metallica – Enter Sandman Video Guitar Lessons

In this video guitar lesson series of videos you will learn Metallica's biggest hit "Enter Sandman" note-for-note is an extremely easy to follow format. I will guide you through all of the rhythm guitar sections and lead fills PLUS take you note-for-note through the now legendary solo by Kirk Hammett.

It's hard to believe that this song is a couple of decades old now, it still sounds so fresh and exciting today. This is the song that catapulted Metallica to the status of the biggest heavy metal band ever and was the first single off of the classic Black Album.

The rhythm guitar parts to this song can be studied by just about any level of player and are a great workout in techniques such as palm muting, sliding, arpeggiated picking and string skipping. The solo is a textbook Kirk Hammett tour de force of fast pentatonics and two string arpeggios.

So go ahead and take a swing at this great track by Metallica, you will be glad you did. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!! :D

Enter Sandman - Intro & Main Riff

Enter Sandman - Verse, PreChorus & Chorus

Enter Sandman - Solo

Enter Sandman - Outro Section

Enter Sandman - Full Performance For Study


  1. Angus McLay says:

    Hey Carl I thought I’d leave my song request here. I’ve been watching your videos on youtube for ages since I first saw your lessons on Sultans of Swing and Stairway to Heaven about two years ago. You are just the best guitar teacher on youtube and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to teach a song on youtube as well as you do so I’m saying pretty please do a song from Audioslave? Preferably Bring Em Back Alive or Getaway Car but i would like to learn any song really cause I love Tom Morello’s guitar playing. Would deeply appreciate it. Cheers

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