Wanted Dead Or Alive Guitar Lesson Videos – Bon Jovi

In these Wanted Dead Or Alive guitar lesson videos you will learn the whole song in it's entirety.

Along with the classic 12 string acoustic guitar intro that everyone instantly recognizes, I also demonstrate the intro of the song with all the sitar type effects and harmonics.

From there we will also cover how to play the verse and chorus of the song and try to help you understand all the little different ways they may play those parts throughout the song.

I wrap up these Wanted Dead Or Alive guitar lesson videos in the second video with a quick tutorial on how to play the solo. The solo is pretty straight forward and shouldn't be much of a challenge, especially if you already have a good grip on how to play pinch harmonics.

By the way, if you don't know how to play pinch harmonics yet, just check out my lesson on how to play pinch harmonics on the guitar .

I teach this entire Wanted Dead Or Alive lesson on a 6 string acoustic even though the original recording is on a 12 string acoustic. Don't' worry about that, the song still sounds great on just 6 strings and if you do have a 12 string acoustic just play it like I do in the video to make it sound like the original. The playing doesn't change, only the sound.

Hope you guys enjoy these Wanted Dead Or Alive guitar lesson videos. Let me know if you wanna see some more Bon Jovi on this site.

Thanks for watching! Carl..

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Wanted Dead Or Alive Guitar Lesson - Intro & Chords

Wanted Dead Or Alive Guitar Lesson - Solo


  1. Glenn Axelson says:

    Thanks for the site good stuff from difficult passages
    How about more riffs like from Alice Cooper’s classic album
    there are some good lead passages in Poison, Hey stupid and Feed my Frankenstein
    Keep up the good work

  2. Chris says:

    Hi there.. nice wok, easy to follow. Any chance for some tabs ? There is a small section with the strumming in the verse I am not quite following.

    • Carl Brown says:

      Hey Chris, thanks for watching!

      Unfortunately, I am not legally allowed to post TABS for any song outside of the public domain. Hopefully you will be able to just follow along with the video to that part and quickly TAB it out for yourself.

      Wish I could help you out more. 🙁


  3. Chris says:

    No worries thanks for the reply.. after many replays I finally got it. Very happy and it’s coming along nicely.

    Now working on the chorus… ur vid is really helpful, making a lot of progress after being stagnant on it for a couple of months.


  4. aungko says:

    very good lesson will learn more

  5. fantastic playing carl i have learnt some good stuff from your site
    thank you so mutch .check out my friends band they are rushtribute band called bravado .on you tube .you must type in rush tribute band bravado .once thank you for a fantastic site from a 59 year old rocker lol.my guitar is a prs santana se

  6. Craig Branham says:

    Great lesson. Real easy to follow along.

  7. Dan says:

    Thanks Carl! Love the song and I’m anxious to learn it! What is your set up on this? Distortion and a delay?

  8. Patricia Russell says:

    Is there an non-electric version of the solo we could learn?

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