Cross Picking – Chordal Picking

This lesson focuses on cross picking. Cross picking is basically the technique of moving across strings in a econimical manner, usually while holding down a single chord form. That is also why it is sometimes called chordal picking.

In this lesson we have a few technical exercises, followed by a little etude or tune that you can practice that uses the cross picking technique.

Be sure to keep your right hand wrist and forearm loose and bouncy.

After a short while you will find your picking hand always wanting to go in the direction of the next string that it has to pick automatically.

Here is the full PDF download of the lesson. Pay close attention to the picking indications.

Cross Picking PDF

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Cross Picking/Chordal Picking


  1. Thomas Shibolli on April 29, 2016 at 5:11 am

    Hey there, Carl, thanks for another stimulating lesson. I find this pattern also very appropriate for practicing hybrid picking, utilizin all three fingers.

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