Alternate Picking and Muting – Nikola

In this Student Spotlight lesson, I will try and help Nikola overcome some technical issues he is having when playing fast alternate picking with palm muting in songs like Metallica's "One", "Disposable Heroes" and "Fight Fire With Fire".

When looking at his demonstration I can see some tension in the hand and forearm which is caused by a technique that isn't very economical.

First, it looks like Nikola is keeping his wrist is sort of a locked position and using the elbow for the picking motion.

I will try and demsontrate the steps to create the motion from the wrist and forearm by using a very small series of rotations. The produces a smaller pick movement that will be more accurate, and also allow the arm to relax much better.

In addition to the movement of the wrist and forearm, I will briefly talk about using your thumb and index fingers in a small circular motion to help the pick move through the string with minimal resistant.

With a little bit of practice, and focusing on reducing any tension you feel in the picking hand, I think this type of picking will become almost effortless is a rather short period of time.

Good Luck Nikola and thanks for submitting your video!

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Alternate Picking and Muting - Nikola

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