Being Creative with Common Guitar Licks

In this lesson, I will demonstrate some easy ways to take common guitar licks that you play everyday, and turn them into unique ideas for improvisation.

Be sure to grab the TAB for this video lesson below in order to follow along with the video lesson more easily.

Being Creative with Common Guitar Licks TAB PDF Download

I start the lesson by demonstrating a very common guitar lick. The lick that we start out with doesn't matter though, it is the ideas on how to play the same lick with many different variations that is important.

By practicing the art of doing variations of common licks that you play all the time, you will not only come up with some great musical ideas, but will also be increasing your knowledge of the fretboard immensely.

All it takes is a few minutes a day to start to see your playing become much more creative, inspiring and unique.

I suggest doing this with some cool licks of your favorite guitar players. It is an easy thing to practice that make a huge difference in fretboard knowledge and musical ideas.

Have fun!


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Being Creative with Common Guitar Licks

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