Blues Guitar Songs – Free Lessons

The blues guitar songs found on this page will try to focus on the most influential blues guitarists of all time.

That doesn't mean it will always be SRV or Clapton, but also the blues masters that influenced them as well.

Most of rock music from the 50s to today is heavily influenced by the blues so it can be difficult to classify something as rock or blues.

What I have done is just make a judgement call as to whether the song fits in this blues guitar songs page or not.

Many players are known as being blues guitarists but they also have many songs that aren't necessarily in the traditional blues form. Clapton is a big example, I will include him on this page since he is not only known for being a blues player, but even in his rock or pop songs his soloing is still heavily blues influenced.

Another example below would be Gary Moore's "Still Got The Blues". Obviously the chord structure of that song is not blues at all. However, the solo style throughout is big time blues based so I included on this page. 🙂

This blues guitar songs section of the site will be one of the main focuses of mine for a while since I think GL365 needs more blues style songs.  Eventually I will break them up into acoustic and electric blues. So don't hesitate to request one that you would like to see!