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Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood Video Guitar Lessons

Well here it is, the epic "Texas Flood" by Stevie Ray Vaughan completely broken down note-for-note.

"Texas Flood" quickly became SRV's calling card after the release of his debut album by the same name. Even though it contains three full verses, it is more of a prolonged guitar solo than anything else. It is in the classic slow Texas Blues style, which gives SRV plenty of room to show off his legendary electric blues chops.

There is a ton of stuff to sink your teeth into when learning "Texas Flood". In these video guitar lessons every single phrase that Stevie Ray Vaughan plays is broken down slowly so it can be easily digested one section at a time.

It may take some time to learn this blues masterpiece completely, but the end results will far outweigh the work involved. Just don't hurt yourself playing some of those bends. OUCH!! 😀

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SRV "Texas Flood" - Intro

SRV "Texas Flood" - Verse 1 & 2

SRV "Texas Flood" - Guitar Solo

SRV "Texas Flood" - Verse 3

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