Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Guitar Lesson – Green Day

In this Boulevard Of Broken Dreams guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this smash hit by Green Day in it's entirety.

The tuning is standard tuning. E A D G B E

First off, we have two different guitars being used. The acoustic guitar is in standard tuning, but is capoed at the first fret. There is also an electric guitar part that is in standard tuning but doesn't use a capo. This is also the way Green Day plays it live, (using another guitarist) except sometimes the capoed guitar is done with an electric guitar with a clean tone.

I will demonstrate how to play those acoustic chords with a capo, and without. It sounds better with a capo though because you get to use the open position chords for the strumming.

The song starts with guitar using a tremolo effect to get that stuttering sound. That is followed by the acoustic guitar in the verse. There are some electric guitar melodies in the verse that I will cover as well.

The chorus is when Billie Joe kicks in the distortion, playing a basic power chord progression.

There is a guitar solo using octaves a little later in the song that I will take you through note-for-note.

The ending of "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" is very cool and consists of two guitar parts. The main part is a "mostly" single note riff that uses heavy vibrato throughout. That riff is complemented by the second guitar part playing a sustained octave that gives everything a pretty eerie quality. One of my favorite Green Day moments for sure!

Have fun with this one!


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Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Guitar Lesson - Green Day

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