Crash Into Me Guitar Lesson Video – Dave Matthews Band

This Crash Into Me guitar lesson video from will take you through every note of the acoustic chart topper from the Dave Matthews Band.

Crash Into Me was released in December 1996 and was on The Dave Matthews Band album Crash.

This is probably one of the more straightforward Dave Matthews songs and has a very simple song structure. However, that doesn't mean it is easy. In fact, this Crash Into Me guitar lesson video shows you that for most of the entire tune you will be required to hold a chord that requires a decently large reach on the guitar.

This Crash Into Me guitar lesson would be an excellent song to study for those wanting to increase their reach and fret-hand strength. In addition it is great to practice pick hand strumming control since you have to be able to isolate the moving bass line within the strums.

All in all there are only 3 different parts to learn in the Crash Into Me guitar lesson video so hopefully it won't be to difficult for most players.

This Crash Into Me guitar lesson video is a fun one! Have a blast learning this classic Dave Matthews song! Cheers! Carl..

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Crash Into Me Guitar Lesson - Dave Matthews Band


  1. craig allen on May 23, 2017 at 5:32 pm

    Great lesson Carl! I have watched a few videos of this song. It looks like after the first turn through the chorus he changes his little finger to the B note at the fourth fret G string and lets the B and high E strings ring. I’m not sure why he makes this change, but it looks like he does it consistently.

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