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In this installment of the famous guitar riffs series, we will take a look at one of The Beatles' most iconic guitar riffs, the main riff to "Day Tripper".

Day Tripper was recorded during the Rubber Soul sessions and is credited as a Lennon/McCartney composition. However, John Lennon is the main writer for Day tripper and the one who penned the memorable guitar riff we will tackle in this video lesson.

This Day Tripper guitar lesson is pretty accessible to every level of guitar player. There is a quick guitar roll in the middle of the riff which may prove to be a challenge to a beginner, but with a little practice it should come along quite easily.

Day Tripper starts out as a blues in E including the riff we are covering in this lesson. The guitar riff is played over E for the intro but does have one section of it where it is played over the IV chord (A7) during the verse.

The great thing about this is when the riff is played over the IV chord (A7), all we have to do is simply move the whole riff over one string. Other than that nothing changes in how it is fingered or anything.

So enjoy this short but sweet Day Tripper guitar lesson!


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Day Tripper Guitar Lesson - Famous Riffs


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