Eric Johnson Style Chords Pt.2 – Video Guitar Lesson

This video guitar lesson is part two of our Eric Johnson style chords series at GuitarLessons365.

Eric Johnson uses quite a few types of chords in his playing so this part two video guitar lesson continues to look at some of the more interesting chord voicings Eric Johnson uses in his playing.

Within the video we will take a look at another short little musical example that uses Eric Johnson's signature chord voicings for playing power chords, add 9 chords and sus 4 chords. After learning those chord voicings you will then learn how to apply them to create your own Eric Johnson style chord sequences.

Be sure to grab the FREE TAB PDF download for this lesson below.

Eric Johnson Style Chords Pt.2 TAB PDF Download

I hope your having fun learning the chord style of the great Eric Johnson!!

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Eric Johnson Style Chords Pt.2 - Guitar Lesson


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    Great job man!

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