Feel It Still Guitar Lesson – Portugal. The Man

In this Feel it Still guitar lesson video, I will show you the guitar chords and cool guitar licks found in this massive hit by Portugal. The Man.

Much of the studio version contains these same chords albeit with a more synth driven sound.

However, in live performance, guitarist/singer John Gourley plays those chords on guitar, and it is those chords we will be learning in this video lesson.

The verse and chorus use the same chords except for one different chord voicing.

There will also be a bridge section which uses a different chord progression.

Hopefully, you are comfortable playing bar chords, because all of the chords John Gourley uses when performing "Feel It Still" are bar chords.

In addition to the chords, there is a cool C# minor pentatonic lick that is played a few times in the song. That lick makes for a good alternate picking exercise as well! I will show you how to play this lick in two different octaves just in case you have a buddy that can play the lower part for you to more closely match the studio recording.



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Feel It Still Guitar Lesson - Portugal. The Man

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