Fingerpicking Technique and Strumming – Alan

In this student spotlight lesson, I am going to help Alan with his fingerpicking technique and strumming.

The first thing I will focus on is the fingerpicking technique. As you can see in the video, Alan's is pulling his fingertips upward with sort of a clawing motion that is very common when someone is first learning to play fingerstyle.

I will demonstrate the proper angle that you need to pluck the strings not only to create a nice tone, but also allow the fingers to relax and get back into a proper position quickly.

After all of that, I will explain what I feel is the most important thing to practice in order to develop a solid strumming hand whether you use a pick or your fingertips (like Alan does).

The key is to keep that momentum moving in the strumming hand. That up/down motion is what creates the overall feel of the music no matter what strumming pattern you play.

I hope this helps Alan! I would love to see a progress video!


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Fingerpicking Technique and Strumming - Alan


  1. Alan Levy on May 16, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    Thank you for this site and the free lessons. I can afford that right now. This is a real nice lesson on finger picking. I am new and I chose it to just click on one, any one to explore your super nice site. I am probably an intermediate player, but I got out of the lesson that I naturally pick as you instructed. That’s neat because I am self taught. I’ve never had the discipline to stick to lessons. Probably because of chaos. I like your style and energy Carl, so I hope to stick to this and when I can I would like to go premium. I’ve always been a good singer pretty much. I feel Inspired. Thank you. Al

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