Frethand Thumb Pain – Student Spotlight

In this Student Spotlight lesson, I will try and help William diagnose and fix what could be causing his frethand thumb pain.

From the short playing example he gave, I believe I can see some issues with his wrist angle that can easily be fixed and will put a lot less stress on his thumb and wrist.

If you bow your wrist out, it pulls your palm further out in front of the fretboard. This might feel like an easier way to reach the notes, but moving the hand that far out causes the thumb to apply a lot of extra pressure to the back of the neck in order to not be pulled along with the rest of the hand.

You will need to instead keep your wrist as straight as possible (a slight wrist bow is unavoidable in some playing situations) and adjust how your fingers reach the notes by rotating your forearm both counterclockwise or clockwise depending on the situation.

I hope this helps you play without pain William! Just watch that wrist angle! 🙂

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Thanks! Carl...

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Frethand Thumb Pain - Student Spotlight

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