Fun Frethand Exercise – Guitar Technique Lesson

In today's video lesson, I will show you a fun little frethand exercise that will really get you loosened up and help build strength.

Be sure not to overdue it though, playing this kind of exercise for an extended period of time can be really tiring for the hand. An especially good workout would be to play this exercise on an acoustic guitar. The added string tension will be an even greater challenge for your hand.

This exercise is actually a couple of exercises in one. First, I will show you how to play it with fingers 1, 2 and 3. After you have that down it is time to exercise the other half of the hand by playing the exact same exercise except this time using fingers 2, 3 and 4. You will probably need to adjust your hand position for the second group of fingers in order to accommodate the shortly pinky finger.

Be sure to "Grab The TAB" from this lesson download link below:

Fun Frethand Exercise TAB PDF Download

Even though this can make a great warm-up, try not to practice this exercise with cold muscles. It is far too demanding for that. Also, playing it at a slower tempo does just as much good for your hand muscles than playing it fast does. So be sure to slow it down some and work on your accuracy as well. Try to have your hammer-ons land on the exact same spot of each fingertip every time.

Good Luck!


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Fun Frethand Exercise - Guitar Technique Lesson

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