George Harrison – My Sweet Lord Guitar Lesson

In this My Sweet Lord guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all the chords for this massive George Harrison acoustic hit.

Recorded for Harrison's All Things Must Pass triple album, "My Sweet Lord" went on to become the most successful post-Beatles song for Harrison.

I will be focusing on the chords George Harrison plays on acoustic guitar for this lesson. You won't find the slide guitar parts in this one.

"My Sweet Lord" uses a standard tuned acoustic guitar with a capo at the second fret.

The entire song is made up of 3 chord progressions. The opening chord progression uses at least one chord that you may not be familiar with. That chord is a fully diminished 7th chord. As I mention in the video lesson, George Harrison loved to throw dissonant chords into his songs, the augmented chord being a particular favorite of his.

After the first chord progression is played a few times, Harrison then moved to a bridge type section that eventually modulates the music up a whole-step.

After the modulation, the third chord progression is the same as the first one except that it is a whole-step higher in pitch. Most of the chords are simply played two-frets higher.

The strumming patterns are pretty simply as well. Those strumming patterns are based around a simple 8th note feel throughout.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this beautiful acoustic song from the late great George Harrison!


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George Harrison - My Sweet Lord Guitar Lesson

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