Hand Tension During Gallop Rhythms – Student Spotlight

In this Student Spotlight lesson, I will help Osian try and perfect his gallop picking so that he can more easily play Iron Maiden songs.

Studying these gallop rhythms is a great way to learn to control the tension in your picking hand and eventually lead to being able to play longer rhythm patterns effortlessly.

The fact that Osian has paid close enough attention to how his hands feel when playing, is a good lesson for everyone to follow. If you just blindly play new songs and techniques without any regard for tension or accuracy, you will develop bad habits that are hard to fix.

But, if you take the time like Osian did, and locate the issue then seek out a solution, that is where the real improvements will happen.

I hope this helps Osian!

If anyone else would like to submit a video question for this Student spotlight series on YouTube, please do so using from this Student Spotlight Page. I am looking forward to it!


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Hand Tension During Gallop Rhythms - Student Spotlight

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