In The Air Tonight Guitar Lesson – Phil Collins

This In The Air Tonight guitar lesson will show you an easy way to play the chords of this massive Phil Collins hit on the guitar. I will also give you a little theory insight as to how the chords were composed.

The tuning is standard tuning, E A D G B E.

We have just two chord progressions to learn here (verse, chorus) and they are pretty similar as well. "In The Air Tonight" has a low D bass note being held throughout the song, giving it a static modal sound, D Aeolian to be exact.

Phil composed simple triads over this droning D note which makes it very easy to play on the guitar.

I will take you through each chord progression in the order that they appear on the original recording.

The ending chorus section (after the killer drum fill), incorporates a bass line with the chorus chords. I will show you how to play a version of that outro chorus that uses those bass notes, but it will be quite a bit more difficult to play than the original chorus. So you can decide if it is worth it to play or to just stick with the regular chorus for the outro. It sounds great either way.

Have fun learning this incredible song from the great Phil Collins! Carl...

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In The Air Tonight Guitar Lesson - Phil Collins

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