John Frusciante Style Funk Speed Bursts

I don't know what it is, but whenever I do a lesson on speed bursts it seems to get a bigger response than many of my other lessons.

I think that is because practicing speed bursts flat out works for pretty much every style of guitar. To prove that I thought doing a speed burst lesson that isn't applied to only scale or arpeggios exercises will help demonstrate how this practice method can be used for just about anything.

I thought that a great player to take a look would be John Frusciante in that regard. In this lesson I will be demonstrate how to practice some John Frusciante style funk speed bursts that will help loosen up and relax your picking hand.

After demonstrating the complete exercise at the beginning of the lesson I will then deconstruct it and show you bit by bit how you should approach to learning this specific technique.

At first it will just be about loosening up the picking hand by playing the speed burst on just muted strings. Not having to think about synchronizing the hands together will help you get the feel of the picking hand down a bit quicker.

From there we will slowly build on the exercise and add everything together so you can eventually play the speed bursts and freely create cool riffs around it.

After you have the initial speed burst securely within your picking technique, you many want to try increasing the length of the speed burst like I quickly demonstrate towards the end of the lesson.

And as always, remember to focus on keeping your picking hand as relaxed as possible when performing the speed burst. 🙂


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John Frusciante Style Funk Speed Bursts

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