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The main riff we are going to learn in this Knights Of Cydonia guitar lesson uses a cool combination a hammer-ons, pulls-offs and picked notes to a create highly energetic and inventive guitar riff.

Guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy takes his time building the tension of the song until around the 4 minute mark when this huge sounding riff comes in.

Try to follow the lesson closely enough that you can start to see the pattern that repeats throughout the riff. If you understand that pattern the whole thing becomes a lot easier to understand.

Pay special attention to the part where you have to shift from the 5th position to the 7th rather quickly. That is probably the most difficult part of the entire riff and may need to be practiced a bit more that the other parts.

Ok that's about it! Enjoy! 🙂

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 Knights Of Cydonia Guitar Lesson

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