Linkin Park – What I’ve Done Guitar Lesson

In this What I've Done guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play all of this massive hit by Linkin Park.

The tuning is Dropped "D" tuning, which is, starting from the 6th string, D A D G B E.

I have arranged the piano intro, which is also the verse, for guitar and it actually works quite well and it pretty easy to play. It is played pretty high up on the fretboard, so if you are attempting to play this on acoustic, you may need to move that part over to the GBE strings at the 11th position.

When the full band enters, they are playing the chorus riff. This riff is played like by Mike Shinoda playing the chords and Brad Delson playing playing the single-note riff above it.

The end of the second chorus has a slight change as it approaches the guitar solo, so make sure you pay close attention to that.

The solo by Brad Delson is really cool and perfectly fits the underlying chord progression. The entire solo is built around a pedal-tone lick which means that it is basically a moving melody on top, but you play the 12th fret of the D string between each one of those melody notes.

Underneath this solo you still have the two guitar parts for the chorus playing. So if you want it to sound like the original recording you will need three guitarists there.

There is a short breakdown section coming out of the solo that sees Mike Shinoda playing simple power chords in a higher register than before, while Brad Delson continues the normal chorus melody over it.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this all guitar version of Linkin Park's great "What I've Done"!

R.I.P. Chester!


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Linkin Park - What I've Done Guitar Lesson

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