Love Hurts Guitar Lesson – Nazareth

In this Love Hurts guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play Nazareth's smash hit cover version of this classic song written by Boudleaux Bryant.

The song is performed in standard tuning, E A D G B E. However, the original recording sounds slightly sharp of standard.

I will start this lesson video by demystifying how you will see Love Hurts performed by Nazareth through the years. The main point is that in all live videos I have seen where you can hear the actual live performance, they are playing the song in E and not the original key of G.

Early live performances filmed for TV shows in the 70's show the band playing the song in E, but the music you hear is the original recording that is in G. So I won't count that as a true live performance.

I will go through each section of the song in the order that each appeared on the original recording.

I will also demonstrate Manny Charlton's solo note-for-note, except, not exactly how he performed it. Manny stated on social media that he didn't use any sort of an eBow device to achieve those long sustained notes in the solo. Instead, he relied on a Les Paul, a univibe pedal, an echoplex and a cranked Marshall that was producing liberal amounts of feedback in the studio in order to create that infinite sustain. He also used a slide to play the notes. This means the solo isn't really recreate-able in the same way that it was recorded. Well at least, not very easily. You can do it much easier these days by simply using an eBow to sustain the notes.

When I demonstrate the solo, I will play it without an eBow or the use of feedback. Just a normal guitar tone like Manny Charlton performed it live. I will throw a few ideas out there to help you make the solo sound closer to the actual recording though.

Have fun learning this classic, and R.I.P. Manny Charlton! Carl...

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Love Hurts Guitar Lesson - Nazareth

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