Low Hangin’ Fruit Guitar Lesson Video – Tenacious D

Well after many requests I have finally decided to create this Low Hangin' Fruit guitar lesson video for all of those Tenacious D fans out there.

This Low Hangin' Fruit guitar lesson is pretty straightforward and should not be too difficult for most players. The most important thing to concentrate on is the picking hand rhythm.

In this Low Hangin' Fruit video lesson I not only take you through all the chords, but I also have a section dedicated exclusively to the picking hand rhythm requirements of the song.

After practicing those rhythm exercises you should be able to get through the song quite easily.

As I said before, Low Hangin' Fruit is a pretty straightforward song that doesn't require you to be a super advanced player to play it.

Also, there is a lot of electric guitar throughout the song but it is just doubling the acoustic guitar part so don't worry about that. Just play the same parts on electric.

Low Hangin' Fruit is a very fun song to play especially if you get really aggressive with the rhythms. So be sure to lean into a bit and it will make everything sound much better throughout the song.

If you throw in a lot of those 16th note rhythm bursts randomly throughout the song it will help keep everything more interesting and exciting sounding.

So have fun with this Low Hangin' Fruit guitar lesson! Bang Away! Carl..

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Low Hangin' Fruit Guitar Lesson - Tenacious D

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