Moving Power Chords Quickly – Alexis

In this Student Spotlight lesson, I will help Alexis learn how to play power chords with a hand position that makes it easy to move into them quickly. This hand position works great no matter if you are playing single note licks into power chords, or simply moving from power chord to power chord or anything that involves using power chords.

I thought this would be a great question to answer since I get a lot of comments on YouTube about why I play power chords using my index finger and pinky most of the time.

The reason I do it is because is allows me to keep my wrist relatively straight and with my fingers at a 45 degree angle, the guitar neck fits into my hand very comfortably. This creates a nice balanced when moving the hand up and down the fretboard, both directions are equally easy. If you don't have a proper position, you will usually find that moving up the fretboard towards the picking hand is easier than moving down the fretboard towards the headstock.

I hope this helps you nail those power chords with ease Alexis!

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Thanks! Carl...

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Moving Power Chords Quickly - Alexis

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