Muse – Stockholm Syndrome Video Guitar Lessons

In this exciting video guitar lesson series you will learn how to play Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome" note-for-note.

This fast paced modern rock song will definitely give that picking hand a nice workout.

Over the past decade Muse has slowly gained in popularity because of their unique amalgamation of so many styles of rock into one cohesive unit. Guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy is in my opinion one of the most brilliant musicians of his generation.

This song has always been a favorite of Muse's fans because of the scorching guitar work throughout. Dive into these lessons and find out for yourself what makes Muse one of the most gifted rock bands on the planet today. Good luck!! 😀

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Other Amount:

"Stockholm Syndrome" - Intro

"Stockholm Syndrome" - Verse

"Stockholm Syndrome" - PreChorus, Chorus & Turnaround

"Stockholm Syndrome" - Solo & Ending

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