My Immortal Guitar Lesson – Evanescence

In this My Immortal guitar lesson video, I will show you a guitar arrangement of this beautiful piano based song by Evanescence, including the guitar solo!

The tuning is standard tuning, E A D G B E.

The opening piano section is based around A major and C# minor chords. I will demonstrate two different way to plays this piano part, one that is a bit easier and sounds great and another that will more closely match the piano part on the original recording, but is a bit more difficult to perform.

I will then go through the pre-chorus, chorus and bridge sections of the song with an arrangement of the piano chords heard throughout.

When the full band enters we finally have some big guitars to learn! The first thing you hear in this section is the guitar solo over basic power chords. I will show you how to play this great solo note-for-note along with the underlying chords and then finish out the rest of the song.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this one! Carl...

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My Immortal Guitar Lesson - Evanescence


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