My Music Transcription Process

One of the most received requests I get at is for a video lesson that demonstrates my method for figuring out the 1500 or so songs I have taught on YouTube. I have avoided doing this type of video for a long time since I don't feel like I am doing anything very interesting when I transcribe music.

But after thinking about it recently I realized that the things I am thinking about when transcribing music are a bit different than I feel most musicians are. I am not saying my method is the best in any way. This is just simply the way I personally hear music.

I will talk about various skills that you can use to become a good music transcriber, from a mostly intuitive way of figuring out a song to a more systematic and learned method. They are all legit ways of getting the job done. To be honest, you need to acquire ALL of these skills to be a competent music transcriber. Basically it comes down to, the better that you know a specific musical style or even an individual player's style, the less you will need to actually use your musical ear to figure out the song.

But learning to use an educated ear will always speed up the process and help you understand the music at a deeper level. That, in turn, will help you understand how to create your own music in a more inspired and efficient way.

I hope this video helps solve some of the mystery about how music transcription can be done. The guitar world knows me mostly as JUST a music transcriber, so I think i have enough experience in this over decades of work that I can point you in the right direction of what to practice and study to be able to hear and understand music at a much deeper level than you might have previously thought you ever could.

Anything thing ear training related that I do in the video is EASILY learnable. Level one alone of my ear training course will enable you to easily do anything I demonstrate in the video.

I hope this video helps a bit in your music learning journey! Carl...

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My Music Transcription Process

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