Nirvana – On A Plain

In this On A Plain guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play one of my favorite Nirvana songs note-for-note.

We will be using the original dropped "D" tuning which is, starting from the 6th string, D A D G B E.

At the very beginning of the song, there is a little bit of guitar noise that I will also transcribe.

The actual song starts with the main riff which acts as the verse of the song.

This riff is played by Kurt Cobain with a rather unorthodox fingering. But I think you will probably find it quite easy to play.

The verse riff is probably the most difficult riff of the song since it moves around so much. The chorus is very simple and also has a more straightforward rhythm to it.

The only other section of the song to learn is the bridge. I will demonstrate the strumming pattern here that Kurt uses to play those simple power chords.

"On A Plain" once again proves that you don't need complex guitar riffs to create a very catchy and timeless song.

I hope you enjoy learning this classic from the incomparable Nirvana!


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On A Plain Guitar Lesson - Nirvana


  1. andrew sebok on February 18, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    Awesome lesson as always could you please consider doing anything from zakk wyldes book of shadows 2 album please

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