Picking Across Strings and Pinch Harmonics – Student Spotlight

In this Student Spotlight video, I will help Sam with the challenging technique of alternate picking across strings. Towards the end of the lesson, I will also talk about the easiest way to perform pinch harmonics at will.

The main key to being able to move to another string when alternate picking is to make sure that you don't alter your wrist angle in order to "reach" for the new string. Whether you are picking two notes on each string (as is the case with the lick that Sam is trying to master), or 1, 3, 4, 5 notes and more, the technique remains the same.

That technique is to establish one balanced position for alternate picking and simply move that position to the new string using your elbow. Just to be clear, the picking motion itself is a small rotation back and forth in the wrist and forearm, but the placement of the pick over the correct string comes from a small movement in the elbow.

Once you get this concept down, your picking hand will feel free and very secure.

For the pinch harmonics, I stress that it is important not to alter the picking position to much in order to achieve the harmonic and will demonstrate how to achieve that.

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Picking Across Strings and Pinch Harmonics - Student Spotlight

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