Picking Across Strings – Student Spotlight – Nolan

In this Student Spotlight lesson, I will help Nolan correct some issues he is having doing a rapid alternate picking lick across strings.

There are a few issues that I will cover in the video, including planting and how to keep the angle of your picking consistent across strings.

In his playing example, you can see that Nolan has a good pick angle when he starts out on the high E string. However, as he descends across the scale, he deviates his wrist as he moves towards the low E string. This not only creates unnecessary tension in his wrist, but it also changes the picking angle to almost parallel to the strings by the end of the scale run.

This means the resistance that each string gives against the pick is changing for every string. If he can keep that angle consistent, the string attack and resistance will feel the same for every string.

This is accomplished with a very small amount of movement from the elbow. Keep in mind that actual pick stroke itself should come from the wrist and forearm. The elbow only helps controls which string you are playing on.

I hope this helps Nolan! Carl...

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Picking Across Strings - Student Spotlight - Nolan

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