Power Chord Pain – Kyle – Student Spotlight

In this student spotlight video, I will try to help Kyle figure out why he has cramping and pain in his fret-hand and wrist when playing 3 note power chord shapes.

The answer lies in the wrist. He is bringing his forearm downwards, which makes him arch his wrist in order reach the notes. This causes a lot of tension and eventually, injury to the wrist and hand.

So I show him how he can keep his arm in the same position that he does when playing two note power chords, therefore allowing his to keep his wrist as straight as possible. I use Billie Joe Armstrong as an example of who to watch because he does this very well.

If you would like for me to help you with a problem you are having in your playing, please submit your own video question for this YouTube series on the Student Spotlight video uploader page.

Thanks for submitting your question Kyle! I hope this video helps you crank out those punk rock tunes pain free for many years to come!


Power Chords Pain - Kyle - Student Spotlight

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