Rusty Cage Guitar Lesson – Soundgarden

In this Rusty Cage guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this great song off of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger album note-for-note.

The tuning is a little unorthodox. For the most part, it is a standard tuned guitar. However, the 6th string E is tuned down a 4th to B. So that will be, starting from the 6th string, B A D G B E.

The riffs in "Rusty Cage" are killer, but can be quite tricky at first. I will take you through each riff in the order that each appears on the original recording. I will break each of them down phrase-by-phrase so that you will be able to understand what is going on rather quickly.

I hope you enjoy learning this Soundgarden classic! R.I.P. Chris! Carl...

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Rusty Cage Guitar Lesson - Soundgarden

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