Satellite Guitar Lesson – Dave Matthews Band

In this Satellite guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this acoustic hit by the Dave Matthews Band.

The main guitar riff that opens "Satellite"  that is heard throughout all the verses, used to be a guitar exercise that Dave Matthews came up with. Eventually he developed it into the now very recognizable main riff for Satellite.

"Satellite" was the last song off of the Dave Matthews Band's extremely successful Under the Table and Dreaming album. It provides lots of guitar challenges as do most Dave Matthews Band songs.

For starters, that main riff requires a very large stretch across multiple strings with your fingers playing a variety of different finger patterns. The picking hand is all down strokes which helps you focus on just the frethand.

From there we move into the chorus which once again requires you to play chords that use big stretches in addition to having to do a lot of frethand muting. I will lay out exactly how to mute all the unwanted strings since that is so important in this fully strummed section of the song.

The third section of the song uses more basic bar chords and is definitely the easiest part of the song to play. I would call this section the bridge even though it occurs twice in the song.

Following along with this Satellite guitar lesson video will really be a great workout for your hands. The main riff will help build independence and coordination in the frethand along with the chords found in the other sections of the song.

Have fun with this one, it is a classic!


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Satellite Guitar Lesson - Dave Matthews Band

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