Silent Lucidity Guitar Lesson Videos – Queensryche

In this free Silent Lucidity guitar lesson series you will learn Queensryche's extremely popular power ballad in it's entirety.

Written by the band's then lead guitarist Chris Degarmo, Silent Lucidity has plenty of cool guitar challenges to sync your teeth into.

To start, we will cover the acoustic fingerstyle intro. Besides the fingerstyle technique required to play it, you will also have to deal with a few large shifts as well.

From there we switch to the electric guitar parts focusing on the gorgeous arpeggiated picking sequences.

Then to wrap up this free Silent Lucidity guitar lesson video series we will take a look at the epic guitar solo. This solo incorporates some large one and a half step pre-bends that can be quite tricky to nail correctly. Practicing this solo over and over is a great exercise in keeping your bends in tune.

When you get this song together and play it through in it's entirety you really get a close up look at how beautiful the guitar parts in Silent Lucidity are. When it comes to power ballads, I think Silent Lucidity is definitely one of the most well put together ballads in history.

So have fun with this Silent Lucidity guitar lesson series! Carl..

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Silent Lucidity Guitar Lesson - Intro & Verse

Silent Lucidity Guitar Lesson - 2nd Verse & Chorus

Silent Lucidity Guitar Lesson - Solo


  1. tweedguitar on January 20, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Hey Carl,
    Nice tune – very nice.
    Love the delay setting in the 2nd Verse and Chorus, and love the picking approach.Good Revision !!
    Welcome back

  2. Anonymous on October 26, 2014 at 1:10 am

    I remembered I have asked for this lesson. Thank you so much for taken the time from your busy schedule to put this lesson together, Pj

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