Spicing Up Old, Tired Guitar Licks

In this lesson, I will demonstrate a quick and easy way to breathe new life into all of those boring pentatonic licks you have been playing for years.

Be sure to grab the TAB below to make the video lesson easier to follow.

Spicing Up Pentatonic Licks TAB PDF Download

The idea behind this concept lies in the fact that most rock, metal and blues guitar players have a large stockpile of pentatonic licks that they have learned over the years and can comfortably play.

So a great way of getting a lot more mileage out of them and to be more musical with them as well is to alter the notes of those licks to give you sounds of different scale types.

That way, you can still use the same patterns you know and love, but also have unlimited musical ideas those same patterns can be used with. This concept is easy to understand and unlimited in it's scope.

Have fun with it! Carl...

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Spicing Up Old, Tired Guitar Licks

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