Stay With Me Guitar Lesson – Sam Smith

This Stay With Me guitar lesson will show you how to play all of the chords in Sam Smith's smash hit.

Stay With Me was of course originally recorded on piano, but I have transcribed those chords to guitar in a nice and extremely easy to play format.

Even if you are a beginner and know only a few chords I still think this Stay With Me guitar lesson would be perfect for you to learn.

There are only two different parts of the song (verse & chorus). Everything repeats quite a bit so you should be able to memorize all of the chord progression rather quickly.

We even get to learn to play a couple of really nice sounding but rather rare chords including an Fsus2 that is easy to play but sounds great.

I am teaching this on acoustic since that is what most people would prefer to play it on I am guessing. However, feel free to use any guitar type you like.

OK have fun with one! Carl...

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Stay With Me Guitar Lesson

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