Staying Motivated to Practice Guitar

In this video, I will talk about some of the things in my experience that contribute to a guitarist becoming unmotivated to practice. Along the way, I will also let you know some of the ways that I personally get out of a rut when it comes to practicing.

Whatever you overall goals are for the guitar or music in general, whether it is to be a virtuoso or you just want to strum a few songs for family and friends, you will need to practice to get there.

For the more serious musician, that entails setting up a good practice routine that covers all the areas you are working on. One of the pitfalls of the serious musician is that they, myself included, tend to try and squeeze too many different areas of study in.

So within the video, I will tell you how I approach building a rewarding practice routine that makes me want to come back to the guitar again and again. I will also share other ways I try to recapture the excitement of learning and playing the guitar whenever I lose it.

Please leave a comment if you have your own ways of breaking out of a practice rut!



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Staying Motivated To Practice Guitar


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